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Ghala Honors Oman Golfing Pioneer

Muscat Daily
Muscat – To honour Oman’s golfing pioneer late H H Sayyid Kais bin Tariq al Said, Ghala Golf Club will organise its annual free open tournament under the patronage of H H Sayyid Taimur bin Asaad al Said. Teeing off on January 21, the tournament will entertain 160 participants, which makes it the largest golf tournament in Oman’s history.

“The passion Sayyid Kais brought to the game was unquestionable. Being an avid golfer, he represented Oman at international tournaments and club competitions. He was not only a passionate golfer but also an iconic ambassador for golf in Oman. Golf would not have reached the platform it has reached today with his guidance and contributions,” said Ibrahim al Wahaibi, vice president of Ghala Golf Club.

Golf, a game that was played leisurely by a few in Oman, has now reached a platform that is competitive, zealous and played by several nationalities. The tournament will memorialise this transition, what Golf has become in the sultanate thanks to Sayyid Kais.

The event is to celebrate his achievements and bring all golfers together.

Sponsored by Sayyid Taimur, the single Stableford format tournament with a shotgun start is intended to offer all handicap bearing golfers the opportunity to be a part of this prodigious occasion. A prize giving ceremony will be held at the Ghala Golf Clubhouse post game.

Leon Sassen, general manager at Golf World, said, “We had an overwhelming response from players this year. I have been managing golf events for almost nine years in Oman and I can proudly say this is the largest single day tournament I have ever managed here with the participation of 160 players. It just shows how popular Sayyid Kais was. He was the motivation for me to move to the sultanate.”

After the huge success of the event last year, the sporting and social benefits continue to be observed nationwide.

Oman is becoming one of the popular golfing destinations, attracting a number of vacationers as well as locals to swing their clubs.

With scenic backdrops and discerning tourists, the game has opened doors to more economic opportunities.